MS plus 66

Ideal for large and high-performance vehicles.

The perfect combination of performance on wet, wintery roads and a great deal of pleasure from driving.

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The MS plus 66 at a glance

High level of aquaplaning safety
… thanks to the increased volume of water collected in the tread

Good traction and cornering control on snow-covered roads
… thanks to long gripping edges in the ground contact patch.

Short braking distances on wet roads
… thanks to the rapid adjustment of the tread to wet road conditions.

The aqua angled sides with variable groove wall are aligned in such a way that enough water can always be picked up even when there is pressure on the tread.
The increased length and thickness of the edges of the MS plus 66 provides for increased traction in the snow.

The MS plus 66 in detail

High level of aquaplaning safety –
even in winter
Today, winter weather brings more slush and rain than compacted snow and black ice. The MS Plus 66 is perfect for these conditions. The new 3D aqua-groove technology enables increased volumes of water to be collected in the tread and effectively prevents water building up in front of the tyre. The result: A high level of aquaplaning safety.

Outstanding traction and cornering control on snow-covered roads
In comparison with its predecessor, the MS Plus 55, the MS Plus 66 offers an improved grip on snowy roads and increased cornering forces in the snow. To this end, the gripping edges in the ground contact patch have been extended by 12 percent.

Long tyre life
The MS plus 66 remains flexible for its entire service life. This is rendered possible by new, non-migratory plasticizers, which are retained in the rubber compound even at low temperatures.


MS plus 66 size range

Size Load index Speed index Details

Test results

MS plus 66 test results


225/45 R 17 H


ADAC motorwelt
Issue 10/2010

  • "Best tyre on wet roads"


205/55 R 16 H


Winter tyre test 2009


195/65 R 15 T


Winter tyre test 2008


195/65 R 15 T


ADAC motorwelt
Issue 10/2008

  • "Good in wet conditions"


215/55 R 16 H


Italian car magazine "auto"
Issue 01/2009

  • "Very good allround performance, especially on snow and wet"
  • "Very high lateral grip on snow"
  • "Very good handling on wet and dry road"
  • "Very good in braking"


195/65 R 15 T


ACE Lenkrad
Issue 10/2008

  • "Good on wet surfaces and snow"
  • "Satisfactory on dry surfaces, ice and environmental characteristics"


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