Rain, Snow and Cold Roads: Travel in Safety with Uniroyal


Hanover, October 26th, 2020. Short braking distances, rapid water evacuation and precision handling are as vital as ever in winter. In dark, wet conditions, visibility is poor, leading to more frequent and more abrupt braking than in summer and calling for a precise steering response. Drivers who opt for rain tires for the cold season are building added safety into their vehicles. Uniroyal offers a range of winter and all-season tires for cars and SUVs, while the new Snow Max 3 model has been specially developed for vans.

Uniroyal MS plus 77

Uniroyal MS plus 77: The winter tire with superior wet performance

Particularly in winter, the roads are often wet, with heavy rain leaving behind areas of standing water and flooding ruts in the road. At times like this, the MS plus 77 is in its element: Uniroyal’s typical steep V-shaped tread pattern with wide, open grooves evacuates the water from under the contact patch fast, reducing the risk of aquaplaning, while the stiff tread blocks deliver precision handling on wet roads. The tire’s advanced compound helps provide good grip on cold wet roads. On ice and snow the many sipe edges make for safe traction. The Uniroyal MS plus 77 is available in sizes from 13 to 20 inches with aspect ratios between 80 and 35 percent and approved for speeds of between 190 and 240 km/h – including numerous SUV sizes. In the AutoBild tire test, the MS plus 77 won a “good” rating (AutoBild, issue 38/20).

Uniroyal_Snow-Max-3_prod Kopie

New: Uniroyal Snow Max 3

The new Snow Max 3 features the latest technologies for winter van tires. With its state-of-the-art compound, it delivers short braking distances and precision handling on wet and dry roads, as well as on snow and ice. Its V-shaped tread pattern rapidly displaces water and slush from under the contact patch. Thanks to its new compound, the tire builds up good grip on snow and needs fewer sipes. This makes for a stiffer tread and greater mileage. The new Uniroyal Snow Max 3 is available for 15- to 16-inch rims, with load capacities of up to 1215 kg (LI 115) and approvals for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

All-season tires from Uniroyal

With the AllSeasonExpert 2 and AllSeasonMax, rain tire brand Uniroyal has two modern tires designed for all-season use in its portfolio.

The AllSeasonExpert 2 car tire offers effective protection against aquaplaning and delivers short braking distances and precision handling on wet and dry roads, as well as on snow and ice. The Shark Skin Technology adopted from its renowned summer counterparts ensures rapid water evacuation. This all-season tire is available for 13- to 18-inch rims to fit compact-class to mid-range models.

The AllSeasonMax was designed for cost-effective year-round use on light commercial vehicles and vans. Consequently, along with safe handling properties in the wet, on dry roads and in wintry conditions, its strengths also include high load carrying capacities. The AllSeasonMax is available in 13 sizes with load capacities of up to 1215 kg (LI 115).


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