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RainSport 5

Uniroyal RainSport 5 tyre on a red car driven by a male person in a city


Winter offers challenges. Our expert offers a worry-free ride.

Rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow – winter comes in many forms which make driving challenging. With more than 50 years of rain tyre experience, we know exactly how to deal with wet and snowy roads. Introducing the new Uniroyal WinterExpert – the innovative tyre that handles every challenge that winter has to offer.

  • Aquaplaning: Keep full control with excellent wet handling and aquaplaning resistance.
  • Snow performance: Arrive safe and relaxed thanks to great snow traction performance.
  • Rolling resistance: Profit from low fuel consumption due to optimized rolling resistance.
Uniroyal WinterExpert

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Uniroyal WinterExpert

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Uniroyal WinterExpert

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