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Our values

Technology, safety, transparency and optimism

Our aim is to keep you safe on the road at all times even when conditions are wet.
We’re a restless business, always looking for ways to improve our products and increase your driving pleasure. To keep our focus on track, and help us stand out from the crowd, we’ve developed four brand values that define who we are and what we believe in.


We have always been, and will continue to be, innovators. We were the first manufacturers to introduce zig-zag pattern treads to prevent skidding (back in 1912). We created the first ever “rain tyre” in 1969 and were the first to discover the benefits of the directional V-shaped tread. Our Research and Development team takes an intelligent approach to design, finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places. This open-mindedness led to the invention of our Shark Skin Technology, which uses biomimicry to replicate sharks’ ability to disperse water and minimise resistance.


When you buy our tyres you’re trusting us to keep you safe. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Our experience of developing tyres for wet and wintery conditions has given us unrivalled knowledge of water dispersal, to prevent aquaplaning, and traction to maintain grip. It’s perhaps not surprising that we first made our mark as manufacturers of motor racing tyres – what better place to build our reputation for quality compounds and intelligent tread design.


We’ve made it our mission to help tyre buyers understand our products and their benefits. We always try to understand your needs, never blinding you with science or patronising you with platitudes. We give you the facts clearly and honestly – using demonstrations and analogies if they help – then let you decide which tyre would be best for you.


We love the rain. That’s why we’ve spent so much time studying it. Same with snow and slush. We don’t see them as obstacles to driving pleasure – quite the opposite. We produce tyres that help you enjoy driving, whatever the weather. We know how fun it can be to drive through puddles, when you’re not having to think about aquaplaning. We’ve experienced the joy of taking corners at speed knowing our tyres will grip the road surface. We’re committed to constant improvement so you know you can experience exhilaration behind the wheel, knowing you’ll always be in safe hands.