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What’s so good about Uniroyal tyres?

Why should you choose a Uniroyal tyre?

Unless you’re up to speed with tyre technology – which most people aren’t – it can be a tough decision to know which tyres to pick. After all, to the untrained eye, they all look rather alike. And, to make matters worse, choosing new tyres often happens at a moment of stress; after a puncture, a road accident or a discovery that the previous season’s winter or summer tyres are no longer fit for purpose.

So, when the moment comes, why buy Uniroyal tyres?

A safe choice

Since we first invented the rain tyre in 1969, we’ve continued to grow our reputation as rain experts. We’re fascinated by different weather conditions, and their relative effects on driving, and have made it our business to develop tyres that keep you safe on the road at all times – even when conditions are wet.

Our history

Uniroyal - Safe Tyres

Tailored to your needs

Our tyre range caters for every individual need. So no matter what type of car you drive, where you drive or how you drive, we’ll have a tyre to suit you. Our tyres range from 13 to 21inch rim diameter and widths of 145mm up to 295mm.  The RainSport3 is the ideal summer tyre for sporty cars. The Snow Max 2 is the perfect winter tyre for people carriers while SUV drivers can’t go wrong with the Rallye 4 x 4 street. And if you’re after an all-weather tyre, we have the AllSeasonExpert. The list goes on. Whatever the weather throws at you, we’ll make sure you enjoy every journey.

Our tyre range

Allseason Tyres

State-of-the-art technology

Technology and innovation have always played a pivotal role in our business. We’ve been committed to continuous progression since our very earliest days back in 1868. Our founder’s son, Oscar Englebert Jr, was a truly visionary entrepreneur and his commitment to invention remains part of Uniroyal’s DNA.  By constantly improving our products, we can achieve another of our ambitions – to increase your driving pleasure.

Our values

Our history

Technology and innovation

We can look back with pride at a rich history of innovations, one of which particularly stands out for the difference it’s made to safety and driving pleasure in the wet – Shark Skin Technology (SST). Using biometrics, our designers have replicated sharks’ natural water dispersal properties creating tyres with exceptional wet weather capabilities.

Shark Skin Technology

Shark Skin Technology

Our Research Centre is a restless environment where engineers and designers are constantly working on new ideas. Their commitment to continuous improvement is contagious and, with each new tyre we launch, their effort is rewarded.

As we’re part of the Continental Group, we benefit from the experience and expertise of its engineers in Hanover as well as over 1000 scientists, developers and engineers working across Europe and the USA. We also get use of their research and development department, on the outskirts of Hanover, with its famous Contidrom test track.

Research Centre

Value for money

We focus on quality throughout our production process, using superior compounds and advanced materials. During development we monitor and thoroughly test every aspect of our tyres’ construction.

Not only are we testing the physical performance of our tyres in different conditions, but also their strength and tread wear over time. Their durability plays an important role in giving you value for money. The longer your tyres last, the less frequently they’ll need to be replaced. And the more even their pressure distribution, the greater the fuel efficiency.

Value for money

Being part of the Continental Group, we also have the benefit of scale, meaning we’re also able to optimise our processes, leading to cost savings that we can pass on to you. 

Innovative design

Our tyres don’t just perform well; they look good too. That’s because they’re exquisitely designed. Every single groove has a purpose. Every feature has been meticulously measured. Every compound has been perfected. And this level of detail has been appreciated by the design world. We’re proud to have won coveted awards such as the Red Dot Award for Product Design and the iF Design Award 2014.

Innovative design