New Uniroyal RainExpert 5: Rain Tires with Even More Mileage and Comfort

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Hanover, Germany, March 2022. With the new RainExpert 5, the rain tire brand Uniroyal now has a summer tire in its range that offers a considerable increase in mileage and comfort – and its wet characteristics still set the standard for the class. For this, new technologies were developed that quickly drain water from the contact area. The technicians took inspiration from nature: For example, the Shark Skin technology used in the other tires of the brand, which is based on the favorable flow characteristics of shark skin and whose “scales” are incorporated into the tread grooves, has been further developed. In addition, the Aqua Twist sipe offers fast water removal from the tread – throughout the entire life of the tire. Wide circumference grooves in the asymmetrical tread with deep shoulder grooves promote rapid water removal.

The longer service life is made possible by the new tread compound; consistent division of the tread by sipes between the blocks also reduces wear. The new tread design and balanced rubber distribution in the inner and outer areas of the tread of the new RainExpert 5 ensure uniform distribution of the ground pressure, helping to increase the service life.

To ensure driving is as comfortable as possible, the sequence of the profile blocks has been redesigned. External grooves aligned steeply in the driving direction, leading to reduced noise excitation, and closed side shoulder grooves on both tire flanks reduce road/tire noise and offer a high level of comfort.

The new RainExpert 5 is available now. Uniroyal manufactures a wide range of products for rims with diameters between 14 and 18 inches and widths between 155 and 265 millimeters, as well as cross sections between 80 and 60 percent, and approvals up to 270 km/h.

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