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Tyre changing equipment

Top things to keep in your car

It’s a good idea to keep a range of tools and tyre changing equipment in your car so that you’re well prepared in case you have to repair or replace your tyre by the side of the road.

All-weather tyres tyres

Always keep tyre changing equipment or a tyre repair kit in your car. They could provide valuable temporary help until you can get to your local Uniroyal dealer. At the very least you should carry:

1. A spare tyre

2. A jack

3. A wheel wrench with extension bar

4. A locking wheel-nut adapter (if appropriate)

5. A tyre repair kit

6. Your vehicle’s handbook

Check what you’ve already got

If you’ve bought your car second hand, it’s important that you check that all the tools provided by the manufacturer, including tyre changing equipment, are still in place. Don’t just assume they’re there. You’ll find a full list in your handbook.

If your car has a spare wheel, you should have been given a jack, a wheel wrench with extension bar and, if appropriate, a locking wheel-nut adapter.

Of course, many cars don’t have a spare wheel so, if that’s the case, check that you have a complete post-puncture repair kit with spare CO2 canisters (or a pump) and sufficient glue. These are an alternative to the tyre changing equipment provided with spare tyres.

Your vehicle handbook should always stay in the car and it is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you’ll need. Each make and model of car has its own peculiarities and your handbook will tell you specific details as well as what to do if you need a roadside repair.

Other items to consider

Some other less essential, but still useful, things to keep in your car are:

  • A wheel chock (to stop your car rolling when it’s jacked up)
  • A tyre pressure gauge
  • Scissors to remove cable ties from your wheel trims
  • A reflective jacket or Hi Vis vest
  • An emergency triangle
  • A torch
  • A pair of gloves
  • An old towel or cushion to kneel on
  • A first-aid kit – in case you hurt yourself changing the wheel
  • Details of your roadside repair provider plus your account details.

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