Save money smartly: When to buy summer tyres?

It is said that temperatures hardly rise during spring: Off with the winter tyres and on with the summer tyres. And every few years you need to buy them again. But is the beginning of the warm season also the best time to buy new summer tyres?

Changing summer tyres: The advantages

Summer: The best time of year for many. This is particularly true for drivers. Whether in a convertible or a sports car, driving enthusiasts get their money’s worth in the sunshine. Suitable summer tyres are a must for enjoyable driving. For most, changing tyres is a routine procedure. Summer tyres are generally recommended as soon as the temperatures is steadily above seven degrees Celsius. The tried and tested "E-to-O" rule (Easter to October) is considered a suitable benchmark.

Incidentally: Unlike winter tyres, there is no legal obligation to have summer tyres. However, even without regulations in place, is it highly recommended to change to summer tyres. After all, winter tyres don't brake as well on dry roads. The special rubber compound of summer tyres, on the other hand, is optimally tailored to the warm season. The difference is not only noticeable in the braking capabilities. Summer tyres are also superior when it comes to the level of driving comfort, gripping corners and petrol consumption. And there are even more differences between summer and winter tyres.

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