Winter or all-season tyres?

A question we’re often asked is “do I need winter or all-season tyres?” The answer is, it depends. On quite a few things.


Your location

Different countries have different regulations when it comes to winter tyres. In some, it’s mandatory to fit them, while in others it’s recommended. For those living in milder temperatures, such as in the UK, they’re rarely necessary. So, the first thing to check is whether winter tyres are legally required in your country. If conditions are particularly harsh, and winter tyres are compulsory, there’s no choice about fitting winter or all-season tyres, you will have to swap from winter to summer every six months or so.

Your decision on whether to fit winter or all-season tyres will depend on:

  • Your local legal requirements
  • Your regional weather
  • Your driving patterns
  • Your personal choice
  • Your budget
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