How and where to store tyres

If you swap between summer and winter tyres, you have to consider where you will store the unused set in the months when they’re out of action.

Storing tyres away from home

In countries where winter tyres are mandatory, tyre ‘hotels’ are relatively easy to find. If you’re in any doubt as to where your nearest storage centre is, it’s worth contacting your local Uniroyal dealer for advice.

How to store tyres:

  1. Find out if there is a tyre hotel near you

  2. If not, find a cool, clean, dry environment to store them

  3. Clean your tyres with a mild detergent and allow to air dry

  4. Mark their original location on the tyre wall

  5. Wrap each tyre in an opaque black bag

  6. Store tyres with wheels horizontally

  7. Store tyres without wheels vertically

  8. Turn tyres regularly to prevent drying out
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