Disposal of old or used tyres

Uniroyal tyres are built to last. Assuming they’re not damaged, you should be able to enjoy tens of thousands of kilometres of happy, safe driving. But, at some point, even the best made tyres will come to the end of their lifetime. 

Why might I need to dispose of my tyres?

The most common reason is wear and tear. Over time your tread depths will decrease to a level that is no longer safe. The legal minimum depth across most of Europe is 1.6mm. 

There are other reasons why you may need to replace your tyres. For example, tyres can age and, if rarely used, begin to crack. This can also happen if they’ve been incorrectly stored. 

You may, of course, get an irreparable puncture or damage from ‘kerbing’ your vehicle. Also, if you’ve been involved in any sort of collison, it is important to check that your tyres have not been compromised.

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