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Voluntary Exchange Program Van Tyre

Uniroyal 195/60 R 16 C SnowMax 2

How do I check whether the tyres on vehicle are affected?

Please check the tyre brand (Uniroyal), product line, size and DOT serial number of your tyres. The affected tyre size is 195/60 R 16 C. The affected article description  and DOT serial numbers are as follows:

Article description

DOT serial numbers

SnowMax 2 195/60 R16 C

6GLL EVEN 1417

6GLL EVEN 1517

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). Tyres produced in 1417 (14th week of 2017) and 1517 (15th week of 2017) are covered by this voluntary exchange program. No other tyre sizes, production periods or product lines are affected.

What do I have to do if I have affected tyres?

Affected tyres will be replaced by the tyre dealer where you have purchased the tyres. In case of questions, please visit our page www.uniroyal-tyres.com/exchange for more information or contact the local organizations named on the website for details.

What about tyres subject to the exchange and bought in another country than Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Croatia?

Tyres have only been delivered to five countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Croatia). If you feel uncertain, that your tyres could be potential affected as well contact your local tyre dealer for a check. The tyres will be exchanged also if bought in other countries. The same conditions apply as for the exchange in the four countries.

When will this exchange program start and for how long will it run?

Our voluntary exchange program started on February 26th, 2018. We have informed the national authorities and are in touch with our dealers to implement the program. The program will run for an indefinite period so that tyres can also be exchanged at a later date (see also item “Costs”). Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you check the tyres of your car before you use it again. The tyres concerned have to be exchanged as soon as possible.

What costs do I probably have to incur?

Uniroyal will credit the full purchase price of the replacement tyre (including costs for mounting, balancing etc. if applicable) for all exchanges made until 30.06.2018.

After 30.06.2018, the compensation will base on the currently valid version of the Uniroyal warranty regulation.

Why are you having these tyres replaced?

Due to the use of a not specified compound material, the tyres could potentially have a tread separation. This could result in tread material loss with potential negative effect on vehicle handling. To date, Uniroyal has not received any reports of accidents or injuries in connection with this condition. The exchange program is being initiated proactively to avoid any potential risk to vehicle drivers and other road-users. The affected tyres were delivered to customers in Germany, France, Poland and Hungary and solely within the replacement business.

What measures will you be taking to address the condition?

The incorrect material was removed out of the production process immediately upon its discovery. All SnowMax 2 tyres manufactured outside production week 1417 and week 1517 contain the correct material.

What about the safety of other Uniroyal tyres?

The Uniroyal brand stands for high quality tyres. Uniroyal tyres are developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. The safety of our customers is always our top priority. The findings mentioned above are restricted to the specific article, size and production period.

Have there already been any accidents?

No, we are not aware of any accidents or personal injuries.

What do I do if I have further questions about the program?

We have compiled further information including your local contacts on the internet page: www.uniroyal-tyres.com/exchange. Please contact your local partner for further questions.

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