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Safe driving in wet conditions with excellent protection against aquaplaning: An optimised tread pattern and the proven Uniroyal sharkskin technology offer enhanced water drainage against aquaplaning. The enhanced water-flow from the pattern center to the outside shoulder grooves guarantee you a safe driving pleasure.



Solving the target conflict between dry and winter performance aspects we developed a well balanced pattern which offers stability as well as winter performance features.

The special geometry of blocks and a multifunctional sipe concept deliver enhanced snow compression and excellent braking performance on both snowy and dry roads.



A stable middle rib and wide shoulder blocks improve handling performance and stabilisation during side forces.


Wear and Cost of Ownership

Wear and cost of ownership: Buying one set all season tyres instead of buying summer and winter tyres means lower acquisition and storage costs. But you should also consider that all season tyres are always a compromise all year round. If you are an occasional driver driving mainly in cities where streets are regularly cleared of snow, and also living in a region with mild temperatures and winters the choice of all season tyres could be the right.

We make you ready for e-mobility.

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.


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