MS plus 77

The special tyre for wet and cold winters.

  • Handling: Excellent stability on cold roads, both wet and dry
  • Aquaplaning: Reduced risk, especially on snow slush
  • Grip: Increased traction on snow and ice
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FIrst of all I am very happy that mytyres do a review after 6 months. It's a great idea. I really enjoyed my Uniroyal tyres, which I got just as the hard winter started. They were great on the snow. Really happy with them. So far entering summer and the wear seems to be decent, ie. can't notice any significant wear so far. I drive with quattro and I would describe my driving style very active. Tyres are great in wet and dry weather as well. They are quieter than the cheaper all season tyres I had previously (I had Goodride tyres, which were good all around, but louder and wore much quicker, albeit cheaper), which is a great plus. Finally they just look great and robust. Would recomment.
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Uniroyal. A brand of Continental.*