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Safe driving even in the most challenging wet conditions.

Be safe even on rainy days in summer. The further developed Shark Skin Technology and the wide in-block-grooves disperse water out of the tread pattern, effectively reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Moreover, the innovative Aqua-Twist Sipes channel the water out of the tyre, leading to increased grip on wet and slippery roads.


Extended tyre life for a long journey.

Enjoy a long journey with the new RainSport 5. A newly developed tread compound guarantees low abrasion and the stiffer shoulders ensure even treadwear.  The optimised tread design provides even pressure distribution on the contact surface, which leads to a higher mileage and an outstanding noise performance.


Excellent control and steering response for maximum driving pleasure.

Take pleasure in every ride at a new level of sportiveness on dry roads. Through the stiffer base, the specially designed wide center ribs and its reinforced outside shoulder, this tyre truly delivers top cornering stability, great steering response and control for maximum driving pleasure – come rain or shine.


We make you ready for e-mobility.

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.



Uniroyal RainSport 5 Product Factsheet

Uniroyal RainSport 5 Product Factsheet

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