Tyre knowledge

How to fit your RainSport 3 tyres


The flow-optimised tread design on our RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres is unique. 

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Which different tread patterns are there?


You may have heard terms like ‘symmetrical’ and ‘directional’ tread patterns. But what do they actually mean? 

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What are winter tyres?

Some countries insist that you swap from summer to winter tyres as the cold weather approaches. But what are winter tyres? 

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What is the difference between summer and winter tyres?


For many people, particularly those living in countries with extreme weather, it is mandatory to have two sets of tyres – one for summer and one for winter. 

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Winter tyre treads

There are three ways you can tell a winter tyre from a summer tyre by sight: winter tyre treads are deeper, they have a different tread pattern and they have additional markings on their side walls.

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